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Sad! Useless Member of Trivia Team Still Waiting for a Magic: The Gathering Question

Local Magic fan Andre Craft is hoping tonight’s trivia will include questions about the one topic he’s familiar with.

Artful Breakdown: A Sweet Suite of Sagas

Have you ever seen seen art like this made just for Magic: The Gathering? Aaron Radney breaks down the Saga art from Dominaria United.

Am I The Bolas? - Sneaky Synergy

At what point do you check if the table can stop you? Is Jan Jansen bound to be the Bolas no matter how you build him?

Conditions Allow - Form of the Dragon EDH

The indomitable Ben Doolittle takes on the Form of the Dragon with the help of Go-Shintai in the latest Conditions Allow.

How They Brew It - Men in the Mirror

The average commander only uses 10% of their permanents but Michael Celani has managed to unlock a whopping 200% with Cadric, Soul Kindler.

CUT #16 - CUT to; Dominaria United

Balmor, Shanna or Elas il-Kor? Join Coach J Ro, Alex, and Andy Floury for the first Dominaria deckbuilding challenge on Commander's Herald!

How to Ignore the Board State and Base Threat Assessment on Jealousy and Spite

Paul Perjuns-Tart discusses the importance of basing decisions on spite and targeting the opponent with the stupidest face.

Welcome to Flavortown - Wernog and Cecily

There is a mystery on Innistrad. Reports of devilish mages have spread. Now, Wernog and Cecily seek a shadowy secret about these diabolists.

Warhammer 40k Commander - cEDH Set Review

Imperial citizen Jake FitzSimons dives headfirst into the horrors of Warhammer 40k in search of the best new cards for cEDH.

Sift Through Sands - Kangee and Ruhan

Wes Stuckey looks at two Dominaria tribal decks: Kangee, Aerie Keeper for Birds and Ruhan of the Fomori for Giants!

Timesifter: 1998

Where were you in 1998? Drafting Exodus? Urza's Saga? Unpacking a Mox Diamond? Nick Wolf was in middle school, playing an unsleeved deck in an old soap box...

Beyond Rule Zero: The Anatomy of a Good Event

Amanda Stevens discusses what goes into making a good Magic event and what organisers could learn from anime conventions.

Am I The Bolas? - Of Nice & Men

You’re definitely the Bolas if you play a deck way too strong for your group on purpose, but what if it was their idea in the first place?

Conditions Allow - Gluntch, the Bestower EDH

Feel like handing out counters, treasures and free cards? Ben Doolittle shows us how to make Gluntch plays in the latest Conditions Allow.

How They Brew It - Plagiarize Guys

Lie, cheat, steal, copy, copy, and copy some more with this Zevlor, Elturel Exile deck by the one and only Michael Celani.

The Problem With Judging

Former Level 3 judge Nicholas Sabin reflects on the challenging economics behind Magic's devoted judge community.

CUT #15 Finals - I Wanna Be the Very Best Like No One Ever CUT!

Five restrictions, five mystery cards and only five mythics and rares! It's David & Dong vs Jordan & Jon for the finals of CUT 15!

Welcome to Flavortown - Stangg, Echo Warrior

With his new card in Dominaria United, Stangg returns to the forests of Yavimaya in search of his past...

Aesthetic Consultation: The Reprints of Dominaria United

Nick Wolf reviews the reprint art from Dominaria United including a toned down Liliana of the Veil and misprinted Heroic Charge.

Dominaria United - cEDH Set Review

What does Dominaria United bring to the cEDH table? Jake FitzSimons reviews the best competitive cards for Commander.