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Is Viridian Revel Good Yet?

With the release of New Capenna, Treasures have never been more ubiquitous in Commander. Could Viridian Revel be the answer?

Financial Divergence - Atraxa's Saga

Can we take Atraxa down a peg while still having fun by cutting up our credit cards? MD seems to think so in this latest budget brew!

Sift Through Sands - Vaevictis and Amareth

Dark vs light and Jund vs Bant: it's a tale as old as time. Wes Stuckey teaches us what the dragons can learn from each other.

Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review - Cabaretti + Green

Jetmir might be the fattest cat in the history of Magic, but is he the strongest? Travis Stanley reviews the whole Cabaretti family!

Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review: Artifacts and Lands

New Capenna might be a colorful city but that doesn't mean there's no room for colorless cards! Nick Wolf reviews the best of them.

Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review - Riveteers & Red

It turns out that Riveteers are pretty good. Mostly. Nick Wolf digs into New Capenna.

Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review - Maestros and Black

Have you ever seen a commander that'll cause as many groans as Lord Xander, the Collector? Mike Carrozza hasn't.

Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review - Obscura & Blue

MD is taking a look at what the mysterious Obscura agents have to offer for the EDH format in this Streets of New Capenna Set Review!

Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review - Brokers & White

Michael Celani kicks off the Streets of New Capenna EDH Set Review by highlighting the best Commander cards from White and the Brokers!

Portrait of an EDH Mind - ManaCurves

Andy Zupke sits down with content creator Chase Carrol to learn about her journey in Magic: The Gathering.

How They Brew It - Mind Hives

Enjoy fried Sliver burgers with this incredible Sliver Overlord deck from the craziest deckbuilder in the game, Michael Celani.

Conditions Allow - Myojin of Cryptic Dreams EDH

The blue Myojin from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty has an incredible payoff and if anyone can make it work, it's Ben Doolittle!

Let Me Sell Ya - Minsc & Boo: Hulkstorm

Minsc & Boo hasn't even come out yet, and already Jake FitzSimons has turned it into a cEDH deck. Is there anything he won't break?

Am I The Bolas? - Outside Knowledge

Magic is always a social game, but when does it go too far? Mike examines a reader's difficult situation and offers some insight.

CUT #11 - CUT Games On Motorcycles

Who would win in a fight, Kyodai, Kodama or Hidetsugu? Vote for the best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty deck in the latest deckbuilding challenge!

Mechanical Engineering - The Power Dynamic

What makes a deck "powerful" in EDH? Is it the inclusion of powerful cards, or does it need more? Chris offers tips to consider when building.

Am I The Bolas? - Do You Want Fries with that Salt?

In a special edition of Am I the Bolas, Jevin guests to offer his take on a tricky scenario sent in by a reader!

Financial Divergence - Go-Shintai Yourself!

Shiver me triggers! This week MD is tackling Go-Shintai to see how budget impacts how we build this deck, and how we manage all those Shrines!

The Word I'm Not Allowed To Say

They're always a source of discussion in the community - except when they're not. Jake shares a recently revelatory experience on the topic.

How They Brew It - A Fool For a Client

Are you feeling smothered by collection agencies, credit card debt, or that robber that broke into your apartment? This Commander is for you!