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Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Set Review - Blue

Join Andy Floury from Guardian Project Podcast for a breakdown of all the best blue cards from Commander Legends 2: Battle for Baldur's Gate.

CUT #12 Finals - Nothing Personal, It's Just CUT Business

In a shock twist, Christian taps out and leaves Travis himself to face off against Jack in the final New Capenna deckbuilding challenge. Don't miss this showdown between Tivit and Henzie!

Ode To "Smooky"

Ludevic's Zombie Laboratory! A Midnight Hunt/Crimson Vow preconstructed deck upgrade and analysis that mixes theme, flavor and synergy.

Aesthetic Consultation: Heading to Events with Ken Meyer, Jr. and Milivoj Ceran

If there's one thing Nick Wolf loves, it's Magic art, and this week he had a chance to speak with with MTG icons Ken Meyer Jr. and Milvoj Ceran.

Could / Would / Should - Blue Playtest Cards

Michael Celani breaks down the blue cards from one of Magic's strangest sets: Mystery Booster. Don't miss this weeks Could / Would / Should!

Am I The Bolas? - Would You Use it Against Me?

Mike Carrozza weighs in on a tricky reader question: "Am I the Bolas for using information my opponent provided me in good faith?"

Conditions Allow - Inferno of the Star Mounts in Commander

Ever wanted an Inferno of the Star Mounts deck for Commander? Ben Doolittle turns the dragon up to 20 this week with the latest Conditions Allow.

Sift Through Sands - Damia and Queza

Wes shows us how to make the most of out of card advantage queens Damia and Queza in this week's Sift Through Sands.

CUT #12 - Are You CUT Out for These Streets?

DO you have what it takes to survive the Streets of New Capenna? Check out these incredible new decks from Magic's latest set!

Mechanical Engineering - Variance and Optimizing

The Commander Mechanic discusses the value of variance and why building a more consistent deck isn't always a good thing.

Portrait of an EDH Mind - Hobbes

Portrait of an EDH Mind shines a light on important individuals in the EDH community and their passions and love of the game!

An interview with Callahan, founder of Major League Commander

The second Major League Commander has just begun! Jake sat down with MLC founder Callahan to learn more about this exciting cEDH tournament.

Artful Breakdown-Streets of New Capenna

Aaron is a fantasy illustrator and aspiring Magic artist and with New Capenna full of Art-Deco-inspired designs, he's here to highlight it!

How They Brew It - Charge Karn

Everything runs on electricity in this supercharged build of Karn, Silver Golem in this week's How They Brew It!

Am I The Bolas? - Deck's First Game

You've built a new Commander deck and you're excited to play. But what if that deck is too toxic to play? Mike answers a difficult question.

Conditions Allow - Vazi, Keen Negotiator EDH

Vazi, Keen Negotiator may have disappointed some, but that makes it perfect for Ben to brew and build around in Conditions Allow!

Streets of New Capenna - cEDH Set Review

Which New Capenna cards are strong enough to make their way into cEDH? Jake is fresh from the streets and with all the answers.

Streets of New Capenna Set Review - CEPHALIDS

Feel like reading some words about squid people? No? Up yours. This New Capenna set review is for fans of the best creature type, Cephalids.

CUT #11 Finals - CUT-pleated

Which is the better commander: Chishiro, the Shattered Blade or Go-Shintai of Life's Origin? Find out in this week's deckbuilding challenge!

Mechanical Engineering - An Embarrassment of Riches

By Chris “Commander Mechanic” Balon Hey folks, I’m Chris and I’m YOUR Commander Mechanic. You may recognize me from my YouTube Channel or from guesting on major streams around the community—I’m a deckbuilder and brewer with a very analytical view of the format of Commander. Some have said I take…