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The Dark Side of Shiny: Are Foils Ethical?

Paul Perjuns-Tart discusses Michael McClure’s controversial disqualification from Dreamhack and the ethics of selling curled foils.

Vorthos Vortex: Thanksgiving With Gyome, Master Chef

You can’t get better food than a Thanksgiving feast, and you can’t get a better food commander than Gyome, Master Chef!

Monologue Enters Second Hour After Uncle Mistakenly asks "How that Magic Game is Going" at Thanksgiving Dinner

Is there anything more awkward than *that* topic coming up at Thanksgiving? The one nobody wants to acknowledge? Magic: the Gathering?

Beyond Rule Zero: Stories from the Road

Amanda Stevens talks diversity, equity, inclusion and an interesting conversation with Sheldon Menery from the Rules Committee.

Artful Breakdown: A Conversation with Bruce Brenneise

Aaron Radney sits down with Magic and Slay the Spire artist Bruce Brenneise to talk shocklands, visual world-building, and Numenera.

Wizards of the Coast Entering The Custom Digital Alter Market?

Paul Perjuns-Tart speculates on the takedown of Card Conjurer. Could Wizards of the Coast be making their own digital alter service?

Proxy Wars: Hasbro Strikes Back (Against Their Fans)

Sheepwave discusses proxies, counterfeits and cease and desist letters with Kyle Burton, creator of the now defunct Card Conjurer.

Aesthetic Consultation: The Reprints of The Brothers' War

This week, Nick Wolf chronicles the reprints found in The Brothers' War, including a few that we didn't see coming.

CUT #17 - Horobi vs Feldon vs Chainer

Can you remember the first commander you ever built a deck around? This week’s CUT competitors sure do: Feldon, Horobi and Chainer!

What To Make Of The BofA Report - Corbin Hosler

Corbin Hosler discusses what Magic players should make of the Bank of America report regarding Hasbro printing practices.

Wizards of the Coast Release Shares of a Collector's Edition Stock with Retro-Frame

Wizards of the Coast will now sell shares of a new retro-framed, foil variant of the original stock that’s recently been downgraded.

Sylvan Library Sucks In cEDH

Sylvan Library is a competitive staple with a history stretching back to 1994. But does it secretly suck in cEDH? Drake Sasser says so!

Am I The Bolas? - Too Many Cooks

Does every game of Commander have to be four player? Will you tolerate a three player pod? A five player pod?

Conditions Allow - Jenson Carthalion EDH

How do you build a two mana commander with a rainbow color identity? Ben Doolittle tackles Jenson Carthalion in the latest Conditions Allow!

The Little Mermaid: Tuvasa the Sunlit

In this week's Alter of the Brewed, Anthony Burchett builds a Commander deck that tells the story of Disney's The Little Mermaid.

How They Brew It - Dynaheir Triple E

What are the most important things to keep in mind for a Dynaheir deck? That's right, the three E's: Embalm, Eternalize, Encore!

Welcome to Flavortown - Adriana, Captain of the Guard

When a crime wave hits the city of New Paliano, Adriana will make a discovery about who the knights truly serve...

The Brothers' War Set Review - Artifacts

Urza and Mishra know their way around an artifact, but does Nick Wolf? Find out in the artfiact set review of The Brothers' War!

The Brothers' War Set Review - Gold II

Ben Doolittle looks into the coolest new gold cards from The Brothers' War, including the very first Monk tribal commander!

The Brothers' War Set Review - Green

Don't forget to eat your greens and don't miss Travis Stanley's review of the best green cards from The Brothers' War!