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Azlask Five-Color Eldrazi | $100 Budget EDH Deck Tech

Azlask, the Swelling Scourge | Illustrated by Alexander Mokhov Echoes of Eternity | Illustrated by Isis All Is Dust | Illustrated by…

The Best Commander Variant Formats

It's time again for another list begging you to play something outside of traditional four-player free-for-all Commander.

Bloomburrow Delayed After Truck Runs Over Jace On The Highway

The bipedal pavement sculptor who wandered in front of traffic is presumed to have had amnesia for the 86th time and forgot what crosswalks are.

Unveiling the Shadows: Evie & Jacob Frye Deck Tech

Partner up the Assassin twins Evie Fyre and Jacob Fyre for this Dimir Assassins Creed Commander deck!

Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Mental Health at Magic Cons

Magic Cons are fantastic, but they can also be overwhelming. Unsummoned Skull shares his top tips for staying on top of your mental health at a convention!

Magic Cards that Should Fly, But Don't

It's important that the art on a Magic card aligns with the effects in the textbox. So how come so many flying creatures don't fly?

Am I The Bolas? - The Ethics of Land Destruction

Is land destruction always a hard no in your playgroup? Do you have different rules for mass land destruction and targeted land destruction?

Everything Revealed During The Bloomburrow Preview Stream

Wizards of the Coast revealed a bushel of new cards from Bloomburrow, the latest upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion. And here they are!

Legends Legends - Johan

Take it back to 1994 with the Tyrant of Tirras, Johan! This Johan Commander deck is built around all the best exert cards available in Naya...

Sorin of House Markov "Aetherflux Reservoir at Home" - Plot Twist #12

Try this lifegain combo deck helmed by a young Sorin from Modern Horizons 3, the brand new Sorin of House Markov!

Local Man Sacrifices Nontoken Family Member to Pay Alternate Cost for Rent

The decision to pay the alternative cost was made by Dennis Caturwal, who sacrificed his Great Aunt Lucile to keep the apartment.

Revolutionary War Resumes After Discovery of King George III's Platinum Angel

The British Army has received support from swaths of American citizens clamoring for a return to fascist monarchic rule for some fucking reason. This fervor has the current British Monarch they still have for some reason feeling absolutely giddy.

How Do EDH Deckbuilding Strategies Change Over Time?

How have your Commander decks changed over time? Cooper Gottfried goes through his own journey from Willowdusk to Meren.

Pauper Commander - Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer

Alejandro cooks up a pot of every pauper combo he could fit in a Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer deck.

The 10 Best Humble Effects in Magic

Humble effects get their name from Humble and Humility. Anything that turns an otherwise fearsome creature into a vanilla weakling!

Is Bird the Word? - $50 Nadu Bird Kindred Deck Tech

Looking for a less degenerate take on Nadu, Winged Wisdom? Try this budget Bird kindred Commander deck from Benjamin Levin!

Stop Playing Blood Moon in cEDH

Does Blood Moon still have a place in the cEDH meta of 2024? Harvey McGuinness suggests it might be time to put the red enchantment away...

Original MTG Card Text vs Modern Oracle Text

Ever notice the text on your old Magic cards is different to the oracle text you read online? Nick Wolf looks at some of the biggest changes!

Am I The Bolas? - Using House Rules to Your Advantage

Lots of Commander groups have their own house rules, but what happens when a player starts taking advantage of those house rules?

Jyoti, Moag Ancient Commander Deck Tech

Make as many Forest Dryads as you can and swing with an army of Land Creatures with this Jyoti, Moag Ancient Commander deck tech!

Stop Playing Rampant Growth in Commander

Michael Celani isn't saying Rampant Growth is completely useless, but it's not good enough to deserve its top twenty-five position on Scryfall!

Legends Legends - Ramses Overdark

Jeff Dunn continues to explore the dark and dank depths of 1994's Legends set with this Aura focused Ramses Overdark deck tech.

Magic Pro Angers Fans by Keeping Foil Tarmogoyf Token in MH3 Draft

Professional Magic: The Gathering player Michael Bertlong was seen picking a Tarmogoyf token out of a freshly-opened pack of Modern Horizons 3.

The Best Commander Cards From... Odyssey

Karmic Justice, Tainted Pact, Entomb, Sadistic Hypnotist and two cards now banned in Commander. Which is your favorite from Odyssey?

Conditions Allow - Uchbenbak, the Great Mistake

Make your opponents question every mistake they've ever made at the Commander table with incredible power of Skeletons and this Uchbenbank deck!

How Fun Are The Assassin's Creed Commanders?

How fun are each of the new Legendary Creatures from Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed?

Assassin's Creed - cEDH Set Review

Jake FitzSimons looks for the most powerful new cards in Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed. Will any of them make the cut in cEDH?

Old Man Magic: Booby Traps!

Tune in for another edition of the cantankerous Old Man Magic series, this time with a deck headed by Urza, Prince of Kroog.