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Sift Through Sands - Deathleaper, Terror Weapon and Neyam Shai Murad

Have you built a Warhammer 40k deck yet? Wes Stuckey shows us how fearsome Deathleaper, Terror Weapon and Neyam Shai Murad are in Commander!

Once In A Lifetime: Million Euro Magic Collection Appraised by Cardmarket

Cardmarket has just finished evaluating an anonymous German Magic player's collection. The final verdict? One million euro.

Welcome to Flavortown - Kotose, the Silent Spider

Kotose, the Silent Spider has just stolen a powerful artifact. But when its purpose is revealed, she must choose who to side with.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Beamtown Bullies

In this week's Alter of the Brewed, we build a Halloween-themed Commander deck imitating Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Comprehending Competitive - How To Stop Thassa's Oracle

How do you stop Thassa’s Oracle, the best combo card in all of Commander? Jake FitzSimons reveals the best anti-Thoracle tech.

Oops! Magic Players Accidentally Summon Satan, End Up Having A Great Time

"We were totally freaked when Satan showed up" said one player. "I thought it was Matt playing a prank, but then he arrived with more queso."

The Commander Player's Path of Discovery

How did you learn Commander? How did you grow as a player? Chris Balon discusses every step on the journey to EDH enlightenment.

Timesifter: 2012

This week, Timesifter travels back one decade ago, to 2012, a year in which the world did not end, but instead gave us 729 new Magic cards.

An American Pubstomper in London

The haunting tale of a jet black fedora, a cEDH deck, and the infectious curse of the pubstomper. Happy Halloween...

Am I The Bolas? - Wasting a Land

Is land destruction fair game in Commander? Would you forgive someone for using Wasteland against you if you kept a greedy hand?

Conditions Allow - Fires of Invention EDH

Fires of Invention was a menace in Standard, but no so much Commander. Ben Doolittle changes that with the latest Conditions Allow.

CUT #16 Finals - CUT-olition Victory!

Andy Floury from Commander's Herald and Coach J Ro from EDHREC have made it to the finals of the CUT deckbuilding challenge! This week, Rith vs. Shanid…

What are cEDH Players Really Competing For? The Right to Hold the Conch

Lukas Nolas and his team set out to make cEDH more competitive. Would players compete for the right to hold the conch?

Sift Through Sands - Cecily/Othelm and Cromat

Stranger Things have happened than Cecily and Othelm learning lessons from Cromat about what it takes to build a five color deck!

Welcome to Flavortown - Elsha of the Infinite

John Finnegan uncovers a series of letters between Narset and Elsha in the latest instalment of Welcome to Flavortown.

Beyond Rule Zero: Competitive isn't an Insult

Is casual good? Is competitive bad? Amanda Steven talks language in Commander and the assumptions we make based on play styles.

Spirited Away: Aminatou, the Fateshifter

Have you ever wanted to experience Spirited Away in the form of an #EDH deck? Anthony Burchett has you covered with the first Alter of the Brewed!

Unfinity - Minotaur Set Review

A whole review for Minotaurs? Check out our Unfinity Minotaur Set Review! We had to bring in an expert for this one...

Unfinity - cEDH Set Review

Local clown Jake FitzSimons makes a spectacle of himself reviewing the strongest and silliest Unfinity cards for cEDH.

Aesthetic Consultation: Tony DiTerlizzi

Nick Wolf talks with best-selling author/illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi about fantasy art and why it belongs in a museum!