Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot "An Unusual Mashup, Izzet?" - Plot Twist #9

Jeff smashes together the Spellslinger and Voltron archetypes in this week's edition of Plot Twist featuring Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot.

Legends Legends - Rasputin Dreamweaver

His abilities are confusing, he's incredibly fragile, and he makes dream counters. Who else but Rasputin Dreamweaver?

Conditions Allow - Akul the Unrepentant EDH

Cheat creatures into play with this black and red Scorpion Dragon Rogue commander, Akul the Unrepentant!

Kaalia of the Vast Commander Deck Tech

Embrace heroic Angels, villainous Demons, and chaotic Dragons with help from this Kaalia of the Vast Commander deck tech.


Pinkertons Visit Home of Man Who Remembers Announcement of Magic: The Gathering TV Show

Pinkerton employees have been sent to the home of a man who dared to remember the announcement of a Magic: The Gathering TV show.

"Every Mechanic is Kicker" Says Man Whose Every Opinion is Unoriginal

He believes that tutors are unhealthy for the format, Universes Beyond is bad, and that maybe WotC designs too many cards for Commander.

Report: Pod of 3 Looking for Any Other Player Than You

You've been waiting for over four hours to play a few games of Commander and that pod of three in the corner is looking for anyone who isn't you.

New Australian Law Forces Magic Packs to Show Realistic Photos of Crappy Singles Inside

The stats don't lie: If someone thinking about trying the game is shown a Dungeon Descent, they're 70% less likely to become involved.


In Defense of Bounce Lands

Outside of landfall synergy, how good do you think bounce lands are in Commander? Ben Levin suggests it's time to revisit them.

Five Budget Commanders and Their Two-Card Combos

Looking for budget combos that can win the game on an affordable budget? Benjamin Levin has you covered!

Dragon Deez Cards Across Your Mat - Miirym Budget Deck Tech

Looking to build the best Temur Dragon commander on a budget? Check out Benjamin Levin's Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm deck tech!

Untap, Upkeep, Upkeep, Draw - Obeka, Splitter of Seconds Budget Deck Tech

Have as many upkeeps as you possibly can with this affordable budget Obeka, Splitter of Seconds Commander deck from Benjamin Levin!


Brewing Satoru, the Infiltrator in cEDH

Turn free creatures into cantrips and accelerate your way to a win condition with this Satoru, the Infiltrator cEDH deck from Sam Black.

Flare of Denial - How Good Is It in cEDH?

Modern Horizons 3 is still a month away, but we've already seen cards that will rock cEDH like Flare of Denial. So just how good is it?

An Introduction to Tivit in cEDH

Go almost infinite with Time Sieve, crush your opponents with value, and play the best Esper deck in cEDH with Tivit, Seller of Secrets!

A Look at Smothering Tithe in cEDH

Smothering Tithe is one of the best cards to include in any casual white deck. But how does it stack up in cEDH?


Am I The Bolas? - Disagreeing with Power Level

What do you if the rest of the pod is enjoying playing powerful fast mana and you're not? Would it make you the Bolas?

Am I The Bolas? - A Quick Game to End the Night

If you decide on a higher power game to finish the night, how important is the pre-game discussion? How do you handle different definitions of high power?

In Defense of Prosper, Tome-Bound

According to EDHREC, Prosper, Tome-Bound is easily the most popular Rakdos commander, and the Tiefling has earned himself quite a reputation...

Modernizing the Commander Banlist

How do you feel about possible changes to the Commander ban list? Do the current signpost bans make sense given the current state of the format?


Magic Cards With Confusing Art

You probably thought Signal Pest was a robotic chicken, didn't you? Nick Wolf goes over all the Magic art you've been misinterpreting!

Magic Cards Where Artists Misunderstood the Brief

Ever noticed a Magic card with art that doesn't match the card's name? You're not alone, Nick Wolf has compiled the most egregious examples!

Magic in Miniature II - Celebrating Magic's Art and Artists

Take a look inside Magic in Miniature II, the art gallery of MTG artist proofs and the history of Magic artwork.

Flavor of the Month: Text is for Nerds

Enough with all this reading. Chester Spitz, resident Cool Guy, has taken over the column this month for a textless-themed Commander deck.


Atraxa, Praetors' Voice Commander Deck Tech | Spreading Contagion and Poisonous Power

Spread the glory of the Phyrexians and infect the Commander table with this Atraxa, Praetors' Voice EDH deck.

What Would They Play: Kuwasi Balagoon

What would Kuwasi Balagoon, author of A Soldier's Story: Revolutionary Writings by A New Afrikan Nationalist play if he played Commander?

5 Times Magic's Story Died Forever, Never To Recover

The characters are boring! The story is contrived! The Magic story was so much better back in my day! So how come it keeps chugging along?

What Would They Play? Edward Drinker Cope of the Bone Wars

Finally the question is answered: what would Edward Drinker Cope of Bone Wars fame play if he played Commander?

Rules Resources

The Basics of "Battle" - New Card Type Explained!

What is a Battle card? How do they work? Judge and CAG member Charlotte Sable breaks down Magic’s newest card type.

How To Enforce Competitive REL in Multiplayer Games

Enforcing the rules is hard enough for judges at the best of the times, but what happens when they're adjudicating multiplayer games?

Common cEDH Tournament Issues

What sort of issues do cEDH players and judges run into at tournaments? Kevin Sugihara speaks with the Head Judge of Silicon Dynasty.

The Best and Weirdest Combos from Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Phyrexia: All Will Be One has arrived with a whole host of new combos! Myles Schaller of Commander Spellbook runs us through the best and weirdest.


Interview: Lucas Kunce, Magic Player and Missouri Senate Candidate

A conversation with Missouri Candidate for U.S. Senate Lucas Kunce about his stance on how how Magic has changed, and how he has changed with Magic.

An Interview With Dr. Wendi Sierra, Bethesda Scholar, On Magic's Fallout Decks

A interview Dr. Wendi Sierra, Assistant Professor at TCU and scholar of Bethesda games, about how Magic adapted Fallout.

Green Mages: An Interview with Principal Packaging Lead at WOTC, Veronica Ruggenberg

Ever wondered what Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro are doing about making Magic more sustainable? Veronica Ruggenberg is on it!

cEDH, Being A Good Person & Not Giving a Shit with Thraben U

"I guess for me right now, I don't give a shit about being the best."