Non-Removal Interaction: Goad 

There's more to interaction in EDH than just removal spells! Queer Phyrexia launches their series looking at Goad, the forced combat mechanic.

Conditions Allow - Korvold, Gleeful Glutton EDH

Have you tried the new Korvold from Wilds of Eldraine? Ben Doolittle shares his Korvold, Gleeful Glutton build in the latest Conditions Allow.

Architects and Tinkerers

When it comes to building a Commander deck, are you a grand architect or a tireless tinkerer?

Pokedecks: Jiwari the Magby

If Jiwari, the Earth Aflame was a Pokemon, what else could it be except for Magby? Check out the latest Pokedeck!


LGS's Commander Banlist Adds Sol Ring, Dockside Extortionist, Kevin

"We want to keep the game fun for everyone," said Canks. "Except for Kevin. Seriously, **** that guy. Fast mana warps the entire game, and Kevin warps my fundamental belief that human beings are inherently good."

SAG Members Thankful Yet Horrified Rakdos Theater Members Joined Picket Lines

The Rakdos stand in solidarity with the striking workers, and the workers reluctantly deal with the blood demons and fiery weirdos.

Magic: The Gathering Anime Character Injures Arm Using Big Ass Duel Disk

"Look, do you want to play card games at a table like a loser or with badass holograms?" said Duel Disk inventor and solar elevator salesman Seto Kaiba.

Report: Rep. McCarthy to Impeach President Over Hunter Biden's Use of Limited Resources

The Speaker of The House is ready to take down the president for something as simple as a son's banlist violation.


My Top Five Downshifted Commanders From Commander Masters - Shower Thoughts

Budget brewmaster Benjamin Levin shares his picks for the top five downshifted commanders from Commander Masters.

Is Syr Ginger the Best Budget Colorless Commander? - BathroomBrews

Ever tried building a colorless Commander deck on a budget? Benjamin Levin shares his budget brew for Syr Ginger, the Meal Ender!

$50 Eriette Deck Tech - BathroomBrews

Benjamin Levin shows us how to get the most out of Eriette of the Charmed Apple without breaking the bank.

Wilds of Eldraine Set Review - Pauper/Budget

Alejandro review the uncommons and commons from Wilds of Eldraine in the hopes of finding some hidden gems. And you can bet he succeeds!


Save The Fish! Why Mystic Remora Should Not Be Banned

(Mystic Remora | Art by Kelogsloops) Welcome back, readers! In case you missed it, my good friend and fellow Playing…

Wilds of Eldraine - A cEDH Set Review

Throne of Eldraine was a famously powerful set for cEDH, so how does Wilds of Eldraine stack up? Jake FitzSimons investigates.

State of the cEDH Metagame: Post-Mardu Summer

Drake Sasser reassesses the cEDH landscape in the wake of Mardu summer and ranks the top cEDH decks by tier.

How to Lose in cEDH

Harvey McGuinness discusses losing in cEDH and how best to learn from mistakes and failures.


Project Gorehorn

Brandon Amico took a stack of Gorehorns to MagicCon Vegas and had your favorite Magic personalities give it their own special flavor text!

Am I The Bolas? - Congratulations! It's a Trigger!

How do you treat missed triggers at your local table? Is it the everyone's responsibility or just the owner's?

Architects and Tinkerers

When it comes to building a Commander deck, are you a grand architect or a tireless tinkerer?

Am I The Bolas? - Got Guffed!

Is demanding to see a full decklist an unreasonable request in the rule zero discussion? Would it make you the Bolas?


Artful Breakdown: Wilds of Eldraine

Fantasy illustrator Aaron Radney picks out the finest art from Wilds of Eldraine. Do you have a favorite?

Artful Breakdown: Storytelling in Descendants' Fury

Fantasy illustrator Aaron Radny analyzes Aldo Dominguez’s stunning art for Descenants’ Fury.

Artful Breakdown: Reinterpretation in Commander Masters

How do artists reinterpret existing Magic cards? Aaron Radney looks at the some of the finest art from Commander Masters.

Artful Breakdown: Tales of Middle-earth Favorites

Fantasty illustrator Aaron Radney goes over the finest art and some personal faves from Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.


What Would They Play: Chevaliere D'Eon's EDH Deck

Charlie and Dan answer the question: what if the redoubtable Chevaliere d'Eon picked up a commander deck?

What Would They Play? Marie-Jeanne Vallet's EDH Deck

What if one of the many slayers of the Beast of Gevaudan dusted off their EDH deck on behalf of the peasantry?

What Would They Play? Leonhard Euler's EDH Deck

Charlie and Dan answer the question: What would the prolific mathematician Leonhard Euler play if he took up Commander?

What Would They Play? Srinivasa Ramanujan's EDH Deck

What if the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan played EDH?

Rules Resources

The Basics of "Battle" - New Card Type Explained!

What is a Battle card? How do they work? Judge and CAG member Charlotte Sable breaks down Magic’s newest card type.

How To Enforce Competitive REL in Multiplayer Games

Enforcing the rules is hard enough for judges at the best of the times, but what happens when they're adjudicating multiplayer games?

Common cEDH Tournament Issues

What sort of issues do cEDH players and judges run into at tournaments? Kevin Sugihara speaks with the Head Judge of Silicon Dynasty.

The Best and Weirdest Combos from Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Phyrexia: All Will Be One has arrived with a whole host of new combos! Myles Schaller of Commander Spellbook runs us through the best and weirdest.


Project Gorehorn

Brandon Amico took a stack of Gorehorns to MagicCon Vegas and had your favorite Magic personalities give it their own special flavor text!

Artful Breakdown: A Conversation with Deven Rue

Fantasy illustrator Aaron Radney talks with the artist behind the Lord of the Ring themed basic lands, Deven Rue.

Artful Breakdown: A Conversation with Bruce Brenneise

Aaron Radney sits down with Magic and Slay the Spire artist Bruce Brenneise to talk shocklands, visual world-building, and Numenera.

Aesthetic Consultation: Ryan Pancoast

Aesthetic Consultation sits down with Ryan Pancoast this week to talk Urza and the art for Brothers War.