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Timesifter: 1998

Nick Wolf • September 16, 2022

Where were you in 1998? Drafting Exodus? Urza's Saga? Unpacking a Mox Diamond? Nick Wolf was in middle school, playing an unsleeved deck in an old soap box... Read More

Aesthetic Consultation: Phil Stone

Nick Wolf • June 23, 2022

Ancient Copper Dragon | Illustrated by Phil Stone For thousands of fans of both Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering, the Rulebook Showcases in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms and now Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate represent a unique, nostalgia-tinged treatment of… Read More

Aesthetic Consultation: Iris Compiet

Nick Wolf • March 3, 2022

The art of Iris Compiet is the art of fantasy at its most curious. Compiet's provided the art for 10 Magic: The Gathering cards (and one token), and while her history with the game is more recent, her style is immediately recognizable. Influenced by the fantasy worlds of Dark Crystal,… Read More

Aesthetic Consultation: Dan Frazier

Nick Wolf • January 28, 2022

We want to welcome Nick to Commander's Herald, and in this first piece we hope you'll enjoy a feature about prolific Magic artist and creator of the iconic Mox images from Alpha, Dan Frazier! BOULDER, COLORADO — Dan Frazier was only a few years removed from teaching middle school art in Colorado… Read More