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Newly appointed member of the FDIC and insured up to $150,000 per account, Michael Celani is the member of your playgroup that makes you go "oh no, it's that guy again." He's made a Twitter account @GamesfreakSA as well as other mistakes, and his decks have been featured on places like MTGMuddstah. You can join his Discord at and vote on which decks you want to see next. In addition to writing, he has a job, other hobbies, and friends.

How They Brew It – Suspension Bridge

Michael Celani • March 1, 2022

Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer by Caio Monterio Good afternoon, agent. Inside the manila envelope is a disassembled tape recorder. It contains your next mission, and will self-construct in 30 seconds. At 1400 hours A.M., the French hacked the Statue of Liberty. Because… Read More