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Nick Wolf • October 13, 2022

This week, Timesifter travels back one decade ago, to 2012, a year in which the world did not end, but instead gave us 729 new Magic cards.

Nick Wolf • September 16, 2022

Where were you in 1998? Drafting Exodus? Urza's Saga? Unpacking a Mox Diamond? Nick Wolf was in middle school, playing an unsleeved deck in an old soap box...

Nick Wolf • August 26, 2022

Where were you in 2008? Playing Eventide? Shards of Alara? Not born yet? Let Nick Wolf jog your memory with the latest Timesifter!

Nick Wolf • August 5, 2022

Aesthetic consultant Nick Wolf looks back to 2002 in the very first Timesfiter, a retrospective series in honor of Magic's 30th anniversary.