Universes Beyond: Hallmark to Have Four Commander Decks With Same Cards

Jon Ruggiero • December 23, 2023

Studio City, CA - Hallmark Media, in association with Wizards of the Coast, announced a Magic: The Gathering product consisting of four winter holiday-themed Commander decks with functionally identical cards in each.

Universes Beyond: Hallmark was announced by Hallmark Media spokesperson Tarisa Graught on the Hallmark Channel during a commercial break for the film My Grown-Up Christmas List.

"We are excited to be working with Wizards," explained Graught in the commercial while sipping a freshly made cup of hot cocoa. "Normally we refuse to work with other card companies, but we decided to make an exception here. Our commitment to make multiple films with nearly the exact same elements, and keeping them enjoyable to our fans year after year, has extended to our Commander decks.

"You'll find something to love in each deck: the red and green Festive Feast deck based on Food tokens, the green and red Baker's Brawl which uses multiple artifacts to great effect, Seasons Skirmish, a Gruul-based token deck, and Ribbon Riot, which will have you using life-gaining cards in the Atarka color alignment. These decks, containing the same cards but with different names, will definitely appeal to those that love the holidays and do not like diversity."

The decks, produced under the IP-filled Universes Beyond label, include characters and scenes from popular Hallmark Christmas films like Christmas Creek and To All A Good Night. Responding to a request for comment, Wizards seems pleased with the collaboration.

"We could not be happier to work with a company as popular as Hallmark Media," said Wizards spokesperson Trent Crosby, still reeling from being visited by three ghosts the previous night. "By creating these decks, we're appealing to Magic fans who want reprints of cards by reprinting a product within its own product release. Hallmark themselves have given us a gift by allowing us to print Chandra and Nissa in the same deck to entice the shippers out there. Plus, who wouldn't want a playset of Command Tower cards that look like Christmas trees?"

Collector Boosters inside the commander decks have a chance to include Christmas present-themed variants of the decks' face cards Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKeller, Lacey Chabert, and Ashley Williams.

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