This Article Is Trying to Inflate The Price of Spellweaver Volute

Jon Ruggiero • December 30, 2023

One of the more fascinating sets in Magic: The Gathering's history is Future Sight, a look at what was to come for the collectable card game. The set featured "future-shifted" cards with a new art style and mechanics that hadn't been invented yet, which led to some unique cards that have become expensive on the secondary market.

In this humble writer's opinion, one of those future-shifted cards, Spellweaver Volute, should have its time in the sun. This one-and-only card is just plain cool, a powerhouse in the right deck, and I want its price to increase because I have, like, seven copies to sell, and I need a lot of money right now.

For those not savvy enough to know, Spellweaver Volute is an enchantment for three colorless and two blue with the distinction of being the only Aura in Magic's history to enchant an instant, and does so with an instant in a graveyard. I know this sounds fishy, like someone claiming to work for Amazon and needing your credit card info to confirm a purchase, but it's real.

The card itself is so unique. Not many cards from the set have the cool future-shifted border, which I think looks best on blue cards. The mana cost off to the side is so striking. Then there's the art for Spellweaver Volute, which clearly represents something I'm not smart enough to get. The whole presentation makes it look like an old Secret Lair and works so well. The card is totally worth the $20 I hope it'll cost to get a copy of this card once this article gets posted.

Honestly I think this card is good enough that it should be included in any Commander deck with blue in its color identity, like Errant, Street Artist, Sevinne, the Chronoclasm, and the other three Commanders listed on EDHREC when you search for Spellweaver Volute. It has the ability to steal so many instants, especially ones your opponents have. You can turn the tide of a game simply by using your opponents' spells against them, like the scammer used my credit card number against me to ruin my credit.

There's a lot to like about Spellweaver Volute. It's shocking to people that don't expect it and powerful to those few who know it exists. The fact that it hasn't been reprinted outside of Mystery Boosters is bad, but not terrible, because it makes the card more expensive and that's why it's such an important card you need to buy copies of right now from fine retail establishments like these.

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