Snoop Dogg Retires His Favorite Mono-Green Commander Deck

Jon Ruggiero • November 20, 2023

Diamond Bar, CA - Prolific rapper and cannabis consumer Snoop Dogg announced today that he will no longer be playing a mono-green Magic deck he's become a big fan of.

Along with renouncing his well-known love of smoking marijuana, Snoop Dogg announced on social media that he recently stopped playing a formerly-beloved Fynn, The Fangbearer Commander deck.

"It's time for me to put down one of my old dogs," Snoop announced in the Instagram post. "I've been playing with Fynn ever since I saw him, and he's been a good bud to the Doggfather. But now it's time to put him away. Whenever I play with him I'm focused too much on giving other people poison counters; I'm not being in-the-moment, and it's causing issues for the people around me. Instead of cutting back I'm still gonna keep doin' what I do, just with less green than usual."

The announcement then went on to become an advertisement for an upcoming Magic: The Gathering product that had not been previously known to the public.

"Mainly I'm retiring the deck because I've got a new one to play with: my upcoming Secret Lair deck with myself, The Doggfather, as the commander," explained Snoop while showing off the new cards. "Like the decks Heads I Win, Tails You Lose and Angels: They're Just Like Us but Cooler and with Wings, I'll be releasing my Secret Lair deck Nuthin' but A Commander Thang.

"It'll come with 100 of the finest Dogg-approved cards money can buy, in foil and non-foil versions, and include never-before-seen cards and reprints with my face on them, like Snoop Savannah Lion and Sword of Gin and Juice. Though I'm not the first rapper with my face on a card, I'm proud to have my own Commander deck. That's really what this whole post is about: my own product placement."

At press time Snoop Dogg also announced he will have a new song on the Lost Caverns of Ixalan set soundtrack, reminding people Wizards recently put out albums to coincide with set releases.

Escape room designer, comedy show host, satire writer; Jon Ruggiero never misses an opportunity to do weird things for money. He's written for Cracked, Hard Times and Hard Drive, and hopes you enjoy what he writes here.