Magic-Playing Parents Get Child's First Shoes BGS Graded

Jon Ruggiero • February 26, 2024

Toledo, OH - In an effort to preserve a special memory of their son, local parents have had their children's shoes professionally authenticated by the Beckett card grading company.

Janice and Tim Highlore, long-time Magic: The Gathering fans, decided to preserve the shoes of their child Kytheon differently than traditional methods.

"We wanted to preserve his shoes in the most prestigious and careful manner possible," explained Tim Highlore. "I'm as proud of my son as I am of my 8.5-graded blue Hurricane, so it makes sense to do this. And I know the corners and edges are a bit rounded, but that's to be expected with a kid's shoes. Look at the centering on these, you're not gonna get much better than that.

"Also, really, you never know how much those shoes could go up in value if he's a sports star. If by some miracle he gets athletic ability from something other than his genetics, those shoes could be a goldmine for him when he's famous!"

While unusual, it is not unheard of for Beckett graders to get non-card items to appraise, as explained by professional Beckett grader Glenn Werner.

"If only shoes were the strangest thing I've received," said Werner in a handwritten letter he personally graded at a 9.5, "but frankly I get at least one pair of sneakers a day. We're known for our collectable grading, but we've had a variety of things pass through our grading offices. Paintings, driver's licenses, we even once got a human femur. How am I supposed to tell the surface wear on a leg bone unless I'm a scientist or psychopath?"

Werner further elaborated on his job, explaining that the nicest pristine 10 baby shoes he's handled, with zero wear and tear, were also the saddest shoes he's ever graded.

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