Guy Who Didn't Use Eclipse Glasses Keeps Posting in MTG Misprint Facebook Group

Jon Ruggiero • April 23, 2024

White Sun's Twilight by Julian Kok Joon Wen

Edinboro, PA - A local man was kicked out of a Facebook group for posting Magic: The Gathering cards he thought were misprinted, when in reality his vision had been damaged.

Evan Limestone, a local card seller, has posted misprints he's found on MTG Misprints and Oddities, a FB group dedicated to similar card errors, but the cards he showed off in a recent post had no visible issues.

"Weird printing error I've come across with Outlaws of Thunder Junction," begins Limestone's last post before it was removed. "Went through another box today, and every card, from the rares to the art card, all had this big weird fuzzy black dot on it, like ink or something. Tried using my nail and an eraser to get the mark off, but nothing fixed it, so it must be a massive printer error.

"You guys know, we talk about how awful QA has gotten at Hasbro, but this is a huge deal; I can barely tell the difference from the newsprint Indomitable Creativity and a Vampire Rogue token. Also has anyone else had a hard time examining cards ever since the eclipse last week?"

In the comments of the post Limestone was ridiculed for posting pictures of regular cards without issues, which he disputed. Eventually the post was taken down, but we were later able to contact Evan about the situation and ask him about the celestial event.

"Now that you mention it, yeah, I was really excited for the eclipse this past month," conceded Limestone, "especially since I didn't get to see the last one. I'm a big fan of the Damnation art, and I wanted to see it firsthand. Everyone kept talking about how you had to use glasses and such when looking at it, but Trump didn't when he looked at it, so why should I? By the way, do you guys have any interest in some misprinted Magic cards?"

The interview concluded after Limestone insisted he show us his driver's license, which also had the "same weird print error", in his own words.

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