Commander Player Donates Dogmeat Precon to Shelter Claiming it Wasn't a Good Fit

Jon Ruggiero • April 30, 2024

Rapid City, SD - Local game and dog-lover Camden Dymola recently gave up possession of their Dogmeat, Ever Loyal preconstructed Commander deck due to conflicts with their other pet decks.

Dymola claims they bought the deck after seeing Fallout on Amazon Prime and falling in love with the Blue Heeler character in the show. Now they hope the deck can find a better home.

"It was fun the first day I brought him home from the store," said Dymola while brushing fur off their jacket with a lint roller. "I usually had decks made with cards I'd just find lying around. Having a store-bought precon was neat, the synergies seemed great, and Dogmeat's an awesome dog like in Fallout. There was that nice honeymoon phase with the deck, y'know, but now I feel like it's not working.  Plus it's causing issues with my other Voltron commander deck, Isamaru, Hound of Konda; they keep fighting over food, which one sleeps in the nice deck box, and who gets the Basilisk Collar. Maybe I should've introduced them to each other at a park instead of my house.

"So yeah, I took Dogmeat to a shelter because I'd rather he go to a more compatible home; you're not gonna see me doing what Governor Kristi Noem did. I also need to make room for when I get my second-hand Raining Cats and Dogs deck I won from that private breeder on eBay."

Dymola dropped the deck off at the Ada County Humane Society, who unfortunately has been dealing with an influx of donations recently.

"This always tends to happen when animals are featured prominently in media," explained ACHS volunteer Dana Magdool. "We had a flood of Huskies and Shepherds come in after Game of Thrones got popular and everyone wanted their own Ghost, and demand for Gritty has been high ever since the Philadelphia Flyers got one. We can't stop people from making bad decisions, we can only help the animals we receive. We'll make sure the deck makes it into a good home, or at the very least put Dogmeat in a nice Mazzy, Truesword Paladin deck."

The interview with Magdool was cut short after she was called to the front of the Humane Society to deal with a feral Lutri, the Spellchaser that had been brought in.

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