Skeleton Token Looks a Lot Like Artist's Missing Wife

Naomi Krause • November 18, 2023

Skeleton Token by Jonk Wilfred

Speculation has erupted surrounding prolific Magic: The Gathering artist Jonk Wilfred after players noticed that his most recent piece, a skeleton creature token, bears a striking resemblance to his wife who went missing last year.

The full artwork depicts a skeleton with a unique gap in their teeth standing near wooden posts. Those same posts can be found dotting Wilfred's old family farm in the rural midwest, and the tooth gap is very similar to the smile of the sorely missed Ariette Wilfred. 

Oh, and there are drag marks leading to a secluded well in the background, but those could be anything.

Wilfred adamantly denied the accusations, claiming that this is a classic case of 'parallel thinking', which isn't what that term means at all.

"I take inspiration from everything around me," said Wilfred. "For Mountains, I drive up to Scotts Bluff. For pigs, I use my pit of voracious hogs. For skeletons, I use the person whose face I saw every day for years. The face that trusted me. The beautiful, ethereal face I see leering into my blackened heart every time I close my eyes..."  

Ariette Wilfred, missing since 18 November 2022

Police have refused to investigate, claiming that trading cards don't provide sufficient evidence. They proceeded to shoot someone's dog.

"Ahem," continued Wilfred after staring into nothingness for several minutes. "So I decided to paint the mesmeric water well on Grandpappy's abandoned farm that we used to throw dead cows into. Sue me. I mean, please don't, the life insurance legal battle has been hell, but you get my point. "

As we were packing up, Wilfred kept drinking lemonade while muttering under his breath that "a man's pride is a man's land." We assume he was referring to the basic lands he illustrated for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, which, to be fair, are stunning.

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