Modern Horizons 2 Spoilers and The MTG Summer of Legend Announced

Matt Morgan • May 7, 2021

Welcome back to Commander's Herald weekly update! This week we received quite a bit of information, so much we barely have time for an introduction. Let's get right into it starting with the MTG Summer of Legend!

Welcome to the MTG Summer of Legend

The biggest announcement of the week comes from the arrival of The MTG Summer of Legend, a season-long event encompassing all the sets and new products.

The Summer of Legend will encompass the new Magic: the Gathering sets like Modern Horizons II and the Forgotten Realms crossover set. Also adding to the theme is the announcement of Dark Alliance, a Dungeons and Dragons video game (a real-time combat video game). More information will come over the course of the event, but the detail seem to hint at quite the eventful summer for all Magic players. The announcement of what's up next comes on the heels of Hasbro reporting a highly profitable quarter for Magic.

Modern Horizons II

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We received several details about what to expect with Modern Horizons II as it comes out. Reprints and powerful new additions make it easy to say that Modern Horizons II will be just as successful as its prequel. Of note is that Modern Horizons II will not be a limited print run.

Urza's Saga Borderless Counterspell

One thing players will surely be excited about is the inclusion of the fetchlands included in the original Zendikar set. Scalding Tarn and the rest of the cycle are included with three different versions available.

Retro frame Arid Mesa Extended-art Scalding Tarn Misty Rainforest

Players have noticed that with the expanding versions available for any given card the price tends to be more accommodating. Highly desirable MTG old border foils will certainly demand a premium with the base versions being widely available for players to get copies. The packaging for the set was also shown on the preview stream.

MH2 Draft Booster display

MH2 Set Booster display

MH2 Collector Booster display


Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

The release schedule for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms also was announced on the stream. We can expect preview season to formally begin on June 29.

Having flavor of traditional Dungeons and Dragons lore coming to Magic will be interesting to see play out. Wizards of the Coast has already promised many recognizable character from Dungeons and Dragons to appear as well, starting with the legendary Tiamat.


Callbacks to the classic rulebook appearance also will be featured on cards, these being treated as an alternate framing on the card similar to Strixhaven's Mystical Archive cards. Several other new cards were announced to round out Adventures in the Forgotten Realms announcements.

Main Set Vorpal Sword Portable Hole Power Word Kill

Return of Mystery Boosters

One portion of the announcement not to be missed is the allocation of the convention Mystery Boosters (the ones exclusive to that a convention). These were specially seeded booster packs that had two separate versions. One of these versions was shipped to local game stores while the "convention edition," contained special versions of design playtest cards. Design card inserts have the spirit of the Un-Sets to them being outside the box type interactions for playtesting. Convention edition Mystery Boosters were only available at MagicFest events in 2020 which were cut short so having these available for stores to distribute is sure to excite many players who wanted to experience the draft.

Mystery Booster Convention Edition


Many other smaller things were announced in the weekly article. These covered updates to Magic Arena and a few other promotions to expect for the upcoming season. With everything announced this week players can expect many upgrades to their new decks with loads of new legendary creatures to pick from. Let us know in the comments what part of the Summer of Legend you are most excited for!

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