EDHREC's Tergrid Page Recommends Players Call Their Grandparents

Naomi Krause • August 11, 2023

Tergrid, God of Fright | Art by Yongjae Choi

THE INTERNET - Popular Commander deckbuilding site EDHREC has made waves this week after users attempting to look at popular cards for their Tergrid, God of Fright decks were instead advised to call their grandparents and check in with them.

Jason Alt, content manager for the website and notable Smash Mouth cover artist, described why they added the feature and how they got Joanne's contact info.

"Usually we stick to aggregating decklists and advising what to play based on that data," said Alt while navigating the Werther's Originals Rewards Club member database. "But when a human being sits down and decides to build Tergrid, God of Fright, they clearly need a warm hug and some rambling anecdotes."

The experimental feature also suggests eating more fiber, being sure to wear enough layers, and volunteering at your local animal shelter. Oh, and also Waste Not, that shit's nuts.

"I pulled a Tergrid and wanted to build a deck around her, thinking it'd be a fun distraction," said rehabilitated stax player Daisy Carter. "Then the site told me to talk to my babushka and I realized the bottomless hole in my heart will never be filled with cardboard, only homemade cookies."

Some members of the community have expressed their disdain for the tool, stating that "EDH was better before EDHREC homogenized everyone's decklists and got discard players on proper medication."

"It was a little weird since my grandparents on the other side of the family were the monsters who ate those hikers," continued Carter "I got the spirit of what they were saying, though. Instead of making my playgroup miserable this week, I got in touch with my support system and joined a cooking class. Thanks, EDHREC!"

"We try to suggest the best additions, and sometimes those additions come in the form of letting the folks who love you know how much you care," said Alt. "As well as Waste Not. I mean, seriously, play that shit in Tergrid."

Staff also teased a similar new feature that would advise Simic players to seek gigantism-related medical advice for their massive crutch.

Naomi Krause is a weirdo Cephalid lady who writes jokes about card games and desperately craves your approval due to an emotionally abusive upbringing. She also loves crabs!