Beyoncé Says Cowboy Carter Was Inspired By Outlaws of Thunder Junction Spoilers

Jon Ruggiero • April 4, 2024

Los Angeles, CA - Renowned pop star Beyoncé released a new music album last week called Act II: Cowboy Carter, and according to a post made by the singer, the album is inspired by an upcoming Magic: The Gathering set.

Cowboy Carter is the hotly-anticipated Western-themed release from the virtuosic singer, and it coincides with a hotly-anticipated Western-themed Magic set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

"Post Malone got a lot of us musicians into Magic and Commander while we were stuck inside from COVID", explained Beyoncé in a powerful and uplifting Instagram post. "So one day, I'm in a pod with Post, Miley Cyrus, and Nick Cave, and Miley brought up how a new Magic set was coming out, and it had cowboys and deserts and stuff. I've always wanted to make a Western-inspired album, plus I really miss those two soundtracks Wizards made. Remember that, when there were soundtracks to Streets of New Capenna and Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty? I do; I listened to 'Old Money' like once a week.

"So yeah this was bound to happen. I wanted to make music outside my comfort zone, and Wizards has an environment where music like that would make sense. So now I get to cover Jolene and Blackbird, show off my honky-tonk style, AND write a song about Tinybones, the Pickpocket, who looks to be an awesome new Tiny Leaders commander."

Though they have no involvement with Beyoncé, Wizards of The Coast spokesperson Trent Crosby still put out a press release praising the album.

"Cowboy Carter is a great album that just happens to kind of be about Magic," explained Crosby. "We at Wizards have been hoping for a collaboration like this, even though it's not official. What's funny is, back in the early 2000s before The Blueprint came out we wanted to get Jay-Z to rap about Invasion block, but he never responded to our e-mails. Plus we did release those two full original music albums that not many people remember, which shows we have a passion for music at Wizards, Frankly we're just excited to be in the BeyHive."

At press time, Wizards attempted to get a hold of Animal Collective to see if they'd be interested in making a Bloomburrow album.

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