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His real name is Taylor, but everyone knows him as Clams. No one knows for sure why. Maybe you will if you ask him nicely. He's a video producer by trade. Making commercials and web content for a constant slue of clients. When he's done with that song and dance, he sidles over to his computer to continue making videos for himself and his friends. He just can't stop. It's unhealthy. If he ever does get around to taking a break you can usually find him at the bar playing a game of EDH with his buddies. He's 5'10, born in NYC, a Capricorn, and he loves to laugh. If he sounds like your type, maybe give him a follow! "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" over on youtube.

The Santa Clause

Clams • December 30, 2021

Happy Holidays! I've just returned from vacation and I'm still feeling the Christmas spirit flowing through me like a gooey, mint-flavored sap. Obviously, I want to share the good tidings by building a Christmas-themed EDH deck. Unfortunately, the lore surrounding Jolly Old Saint Nick is a bit in flux. It's… Read More

Doctor Who Flavored EDH

Clams • December 16, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Funky Flavor EDH! A little backstory on this column: my name is Taylor, and I love playing EDH with my friends; however, sometimes my playgroup can get a little “competitive”, which is all fine and dandy. They built their Grand… Read More