GenCon Thieves Return Stolen Product After Realizing It Was Commander Masters

Jon Ruggiero • September 6, 2023

Indianapolis, IN - GenCon officials confirmed today that the product stolen by game designers in August has been returned after the two designers realized it was Commander Masters product.

Castle Assault developers Thomas J. Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume were named as persons of interest in the theft case. The two were caught on camera leaving GenCon with the Commander Masters products, and eventually gave themselves up after realizing what they stole was worthless.

"Of course we wouldn't have taken it if we knew what it was," explained Dunbar using his one phone call from prison for this interview. "We were just dumb enough to see the Magic logo and take everything we could get. Most MTG product is worth at least something, but we got unlucky and took the wrong stuff. It would've been easier and probably more profitable to steal empty boxes."

The theft, recorded on cameras around the Indiana Convention Center, was widely mocked on social media as the perpetrators were clearly visible and wearing t-shirts with their own game company on them.

"It sucks but I knew we had to turn ourselves in after we saw the video," said Giaume, who also used his phone call that should've been used to call a lawyer to speak with us. "We got roasted to high heaven online for being terrible thieves, even though we walked out of there in broad daylight with "an estimated" $300,000 of cards. It was only a matter of time before they found us, but now I'm pissed the internet knows we stole the worst thing possible: a bunch of copies of Morophon, the Boundless."

As of press time, charges were dropped against Dunbar and Giaume, as Wizards of The Coast claimed the two were doing them a favor by getting rid of unsold product.

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