Wizards Makes One Last Change to Play Boosters by Removing the L

Jon Ruggiero • October 31, 2023

Renton, WA - Wizards of The Coast made an announcement regarding a final change to Magic: The Gathering booster packs: the name will change to Pay Boosters in the future.

WOTC representative Damon Fieldy spoke about the recent change while getting an estimate on some new construction work on his house.

"Recent growth for our Magic products has been bigger than we ever could've anticipated," remarked Fieldy while looking over the blueprint of a Scrooge McDuck-esque bank vault. "We're beginning to put more resources into developing other Magic products and getting popular, well-known IPs onto our cardboard. As we move on to bigger and better opportunities, we also want to be as transparent as possible with our customers. In that light, we want the name of the packs to reflect the product as much as possible. I know we'd talked about calling them Play Boosters, but we feel this new name will be more evocative, and it'll save on ink to take out the L."

The new product, which will come in thinner wrapping than ever before and cost $2 more, was designed with fans in mind, specifically the money fans can give WOTC.

"We want everyone to remember that those aren't just cards in a booster pack," said Fieldy while finalizing the design of his third pool "they're also an object you paid us a wild amount of money to get. It's more than just the experience of opening some cards to collect or draft, it's an investment in us, a company that made nearly $6 Billion last year. And what better way to cross that $6 billion threshold each year than by us giving you less for more?"

Pay Boosters will begin arriving in stores in 2025, coinciding with the set Marvel: Multiversal Planar Cash-In: Aftermath.

Escape room designer, comedy show host, satire writer; Jon Ruggiero never misses an opportunity to do weird things for money. He's written for Cracked, Hard Times and Hard Drive, and hopes you enjoy what he writes here.