Upcoming Diablo-Themed Secret Lair Reprints Old Cards At Worse Power Level

Jon Ruggiero • July 25, 2023

Diablo 4 Sorceror, Blizzard Entertainment

RENTON, WA - In collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of The Coast announced this week a new secret lair drop made up of nerfed cards inspired by the recent Diablo 4 patch.

Damon Fieldy, a WOTC spokesperson in charge of Secret Lair announcements, released information on the new Secret Lair product alongside patch notes for Version 1.10 of Diablo 4.

"Market research has shown that Alchemy on Arena is more popular than ever, and we wanted to take the concept of digitally altering cards and move it into the real world," explained Fieldy. "We also wanted to make sure Commander players got some love. We figure most Commander games end too soon, with matches quickly ending after three hours. With these reduced-power-level cards, themed after the recent nerfs in Diablo, you can play your favorite creatures and spells while spending way more time to get the same amount of enjoyment out of them. This is one of the many lessons we learned from our collaborators at Blizzard Entertainment, especially Diablo developer Rod Fergusson."

The Secret Lair drop contains reduced-power versions of Hammer of Bogarden, Personal Sanctuary, Hellish Rebuke, Grizzly Fate, and Prodigal Sorcerer, with no new art and only foil versions available.

"There has never been an opportunity like this for an outside company to get so involved in the development of a Secret Lair like this," said Fergusson, who claimed to be a long-time player of the card game. "Old fans of Magic know about the classic blue creature Prodigal Sorcerer, nicknamed 'Tim', and I wanted him represented for the first time in a Secret Lair. This printing of Prodigal Sorcerer is just a vanilla 1/1 for three mana, mirroring Blizzard's treatment of sorcerers as outlined in our recent Diablo 4 patch."

"Each color of magic is represented," said Fergusson, "reflecting how we reduced power for everyone. I myself rarely play Commander anymore, since I'm so busy ruining Diablo, but I'm glad we've been able to bring our ideas and have Hasbro embrace them so well.  I can tell this is the beginning of a great collaboration between companies ruining their major brands."

As of press time, Wizards and Blizzard teased that they'd be making an Overwatch Secret Lair that has flavor text you have to pay to read.

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