Twitch Streamer Makes Better MTG: Arena Client Inside Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Jon Ruggiero • July 31, 2023

Stubenville, OH - Local man Tate Feathers has taken matters into his own hands and made Magic: Arena better with the help of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Feathers, known as ZonaiMacGyver on Twitch, has created a way to play the popular online card game entirely within the Nintendo Switch open-world video game. 

"And it's even better than the real thing," explained Feathers on his popular streaming channel. "I can easily look up a friend to challenge to a match, there are no animation or audio errors, and it doesn't have the ability to play Best of One, eliminating the worst problems of the client. I'm also currently working on getting Boros Charm into Historic, but it's taking way too many Large Batteries to pull off."

Tears of the Kingdom has become a popular place to showcase inventions created with Zonai devices, machines that players can put together in various ways. "When we came up with the Zonai devices we knew people would make amazing creations," declared Eiji Aonuma, producer of Tears of The Kingdom. "We even had a small hope that people would use the devices to improve things in the real world, and hearing that this fixes the auto-shuffler issues so we don't get mana-flooded gives me a great amount of pride."

It was a monumental effort to create the client in the game, said Feathers, but thanks to a community effort the intricate design was finally completed.

"The great streamer c7fab absolutely opened my eyes to what you could do in this game. Once we realized computers could be made, anything was possible. None of this is solely my work, though; I'm standing on the back of flame-powered-penis giants. Thanks to their work, I can finally play a game of Magic the way Richard Garfield intended when he created it: I use a small green-hatted elf to activate ancient technology that becomes a computer to play a card game."

As of press time, Feathers was in the middle of streaming an Arena game he lost due to a Lionel appearing and beating the shit out of Link.

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