MTG Gift Guide: Deck Box Review

Nick Wolf • November 22, 2023

There's likely no other Magic accessory with as much variation in taste, style, and quality than the ubiquitous deck box. Deck boxes come in myriad materials, shapes, designs, sizes, and colors, and there's so many that determining the best can come down to personal preference as much as overall quality. But that's not to say we can't try. Whether you're an established deck box collector or just starting out and wondering which box best fits your needs (and cards), let's explore some options for all budgets and playstyles.

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Best Quality

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While top brands Ultra Pro, Dragon Shield, Ultimate Guard, and others vie for that top spot in terms of sheer durability, you can't really top a solid metal cube, and the BoxGods Lycan Deckbox is exactly that.

A precision-machined anodized aluminum body and lids that are 3mm thick, these deck boxes can withstand a ton of punishment, which is precisely what you want from your go-to deck box. For Magic players, deck boxes are nearly as important as the cards they're meant to carry, and for those often heading to events, conventions, or just around the corner to the Local Game Store (LGS), a box that can take a beating is the one they'll pick every time. 

Available in five colors, the Lycan's lids are held fast by magnets so there's no glue to fail after repeated use, ensuring the quality of the construction will stand the test of time. There's even a little window on each side in case you forget which deck is in each box.

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Best Bargain

Ultimate Guard: Deck Case Boulder 100+ Return to Earth - Inked Gaming

If you're in the market for a no-frills option that still holds up against whatever hazards might befall your deck, then the Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Box is the way to go. What it lacks in style, it more than makes up for in solid construction.

The Boulder is hardy and solid, and sizable enough to hold 100 double-sleeved cards (or 120 single-sleeved cards), and the "Return to Earth" variant of the flagship Ultimate Guard deck box has the added feature of being fully recyclable and constructed with 97% renewable resources. Even the packaging the box comes in is Earth-friendly, being made of grass paper.

Available in several colors, the Boulder clasps together tightly and can withstand falls from tables, rattling around in backpacks and whatever else you might throw at it (or it at). 

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Best Mega-Budget Option


For when you forgot your favorite deck box at home and need to pick up something just to keep your cards from ruffling around in your pocket all day. For about two bucks USD, you can do worse.

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Most Versatile 

Squire Deck Box 100plus Black - Rekreation Games


If you're bored of the average deck box, with its limited functionality and boring, traditional "open and close" nature, then you might be interested in the Gamegenic Squire Convertible Deck Box. 

Big enough to hold 100 double-sleeved cards, the Convertible line of Deck Boxes is designed to "present cards in new and unique ways," a perk if you're looking to spice up your entrance to Commander night. The lid comes off and can be reattached to the bottom of the box, or the sides, or in whatever combination you choose, all held together with strong magnet clasps. It's all about presentation, and that's where the Convertible excels.

The Convertible is offered in nearly a dozen colors and is manufactured with the proprietary material Nexofyber on the outer layer, as well as a microfiber inner lining.

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Best Off-Brand Option

If you'd rather save a few dollars and opt for a manufacturer that doesn't have the pedigree of some of the others in this article, then head over to Amazon for the Mlikero brand deck box.

Offered in a pack of four deck boxes for less than $30, you're certainly getting plenty of bang for your buck. Sure, the company name is nigh unpronounceable, but that doesn't impact the quality of the product. And surprisingly, these deck boxes are quality.

Made from waterproof faux-leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside, the box is sturdy and durable and neatly fits a sleeved 100-card Commander deck with ease. Be warned, however: if you're the type of player that likes to double-sleeve their decks, these boxes might be a little too snug for your liking.

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A Box for All Seasons

We're only scratching the surface of what's available when it comes to deck boxes, but this is a good start for a new player looking to protect their collection, or a holiday shopper looking to surprise their Magic-playing loved one. Either way, going to events without a deck box is playing with fire, so regardless of your budget, be sure to pick one (or several) up. All Magic players have preferences when it comes to accessories, and that's truest when it comes to deck boxes. So what's your preference? Any off-the-radar recommendations?