MTG Gift Guide: Carrying Case Review

Nick Wolf • November 24, 2023

So you've sleeved up your new deck and you've picked out the perfect deck box. What's next? Well, do it again, of course. As most Magic players know, very rarely do we stop at just one deck. This is especially true for Commander players, who are often guilty of carrying around up to a dozen decks as they head to their Local Game Stores (LGS) or events. 

But what if you don't want a dozen loose deck boxes bouncing around in a backpack? Thirty years ago, the answer to that question would have been a shoebox, but not anymore. That's where carrying cases come in. Let's take a look.

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Best Quality

Designed to be the only case you need when you're leaving your house to sling some spells, the Ultimate Guard Arkhive Xenoskin Deck Case can hold eight Boulder deck boxes, each containing 100 cards. That's a lot of space.

With a lid that clamps firmly closed thanks to Ultimate Guard's patented ZnapClaw closure, the Arkhive is all you need to ensure your several Commander decks don't start clanking together in your backpack as you head to Commander night. And for Cube enthusiasts, the Arkhive is a solid choice there, too, as the box can also hold 1,000 single-sleeved cards, or almost double that in unsleeved cards if you're a monster.

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Best Value

quiver deck cases in multiple colors

A common sight at Magic events for several years now, chances are you or someone you know already uses a Quiver Deck Case. 

Designed to be a case and bag all in one, the self-contained shoulder strap sets it apart from other carrying cases on this list simply because it eliminates the need for a backpack to transport it. The Quiver is sizable enough to have room for around five sleeved Commander decks, though if you're hoping for a case to transport decks in deck boxes, the Quiver might not be the best option. Luckily, with its durable design and adjustable interior, deck boxes aren't required when rocking a Quiver.

Each Quiver comes with acrylic separators, Velcro dividers and removable corner pads to allow you to tinker with the interior for your exact needs - and those needs might not even be Magic-related. On the outside, there's the iconic shoulder strap as well as an included wrist strap, and the double-zipper closure ensures nothing will fall out while you're on the move.

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Best All-In-One Case

ultimate guard superhive in teal

Similar to its cousin in the Arkhive, the Ultimate Guard Superhive can hold a lot of cards. Where the Arkhive finds the most value in terms of sheer size, however, the Superhive makes its mark thanks to its all-encompassing nature. 

Inside the Superhive, there are spaces for up to six single-sleeved Commander decks, a compartment that can fit two playmats, and a corner container perfect for dice or other accessories. In other words, the Superhive is all you need for your next Game Night. And like the Arkhive, the Superhive also features the Znapclaw magnetic closure, so you can rest assured knowing that nothing's going to go on a walkabout while you're in transit.

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Best Budget Option

Xuerdon carry case organizer in black

Maybe the XenoSkin of the Ultimate Guard boxes is too fancy for your taste, and the Quiver's shoulder strap isn't what you're looking for, either. All you want it the versatility to adjust compartments within a case, and for the case itself to hold up to the wear-and-tear of travel. 

Look no further than the Xuerdon Storage Box. Capable of storing nearly 2,500 unsleeved cards, what you see is what you get with this particular option. Sold with 12 adjustable dividers, there aren't many limits to how you'd like to configure the interior. Need a spot for dice? Add a divider. Want to keep your tokens separate from your decks? Add a divider. The name of the game with this case is flexibility (in terms of options, not material).

And if you one day decide to sell your Magic collection and take up a different hobby like fly fishing, then the Xuerdon can work for that, too. Can't say that about a Quiver.

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Best Gratuitously Huge Option

KingMega deck case in black

Let's say you went to a concert recently and saw the roadies carrying a bunch of heavy musical equipment, and thought to yourself that what you're witnessing would be the perfect way to move Magic cards.

That's where the KingMega Storage Case goes from dream to reality. It's not for the faint of heart. 

First we should break down the features. Large enough to hold 5,500 unsleeved cards or 2,000 sleeved cards, the KingMega is your go-to if you've got 20 Commander decks at home and can't possibly choose which ones to bring to Game Night. The case comes with 12 foam blocks to act as stoppers within, to ensure your cards aren't rattling around inside during transit, and the exterior is made of a super-tough polycarbonate material that withstands pretty much anything that might happen during day-to-day use. On the inside, that hardness gives way to soft faux suede allowing your cards a cozy ride to their destination.

To keep everything buttoned up, you've got two locking hoops, heavy-duty hinges and ball corners, giving the KingMega case more in common with a military footlocker than your average carrying case. And that's reflected in the weight, too, as the thing weighs 10 pounds. But what if you've packed it to the gills with that maximum number of unsleeved Magic cards in 5,500? Well, that would be an extra 22 pounds. So the case, filled with cards, would be roughly the same as a slightly overweight Cocker Spaniel.

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In Case of Fire

If you're one of the many Magic players that play the game in public, chances are you've used a carrying case to get your cards from your home to the destination. Do you have a preference? Or are you just saving up your money for the KingMega? Let us know below.