Marvel Snap Announces Set of Magic: The Gathering-Themed Cards

Jon Ruggiero • November 13, 2023

Orange County, CA - Second Dinner, developers of Marvel Snap, today announced a crossover with Magic: The Gathering to bring well-known legendary creatures from the fantasy card game into the recently popular mobile card game.

Marvel Snap has grown in popularity since its release in 2022, and hopes that pairing with another popular card game will benefit both companies.

"This is a big deal for both companies," said Ben Brode, Chief Development Officer at Second Dinner and well-known card game purveyor. "We heard how excited fans were when it was announced that Marvel was coming to Magic, so we knew we had to bring that excitement to our game, too. So, for a limited time, we'll be making new card arts available in store showcasing your favorite heroes as your favorite Magic characters. We've got a bunch you can look forward to, like Kraven dressed as Garruk, Storm dressed as Kiora, and Mobius M. Mobius dressed as Sheoldred. We hope these new arts will bring even more enjoyment to the digital-only cards our customers shell out a surprising amount of money to get."

This collaboration between Second Dinner and Wizards of the Coast is seen as positive for both companies, even though they are competitors in the world of mobile card games.

"We were grateful to Second Dinner for reaching out to us after seeing the performance of their digital card game," explained Trent Crosby, WOTC spokesperson, who sounded a bit jealous of the young company. "Look at what they've accomplished over there: Marvel Snap can change a card art by making it pixelated, then sell that art alongside a modest amount of in-game currency for over $100. We at Wizards are impressed at the audacity of Second Dinner to make less-useful NFTs that are somehow more palatable to their target audience. For this deal, we know there may be some detractors on both the Magic and Snap sides, but what recent decision have we made that a lot of people didn't criticize?"

At press time a Magic: The Gathering Arena update added Peach Momoko variants of the original Phyrexian praetors to the store that cost $250 each.

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