Stocking Stuffers: Where to Buy The Best Sleeves for MTG Commander

Nick Wolf • November 24, 2023

So you decided to splurge on that new mythic-rare dragon. You know the one. It's got wings. But that Dragon was a lot of money, and it'd be a shame if something happened to it. That's not me personally threatening your new flying lizard, by the way - rather, it's the world-at-large conspiring to crimp, curl, crease or crumple your precious Dragon.

Where to Buy the Best MTG Sleeves

If only there were a way to hold the world back with a thin, rectangular bulwark against the dark. Long gone are the days of "penny sleeves," or (shudder to think) no sleeves at all. It's time to get serious about protecting your cards. Buying MTG sleeves doesn't need to be an arduous process, and thankfully, many manufacturers have made the process easier by standardizing sizes by game (ie: Magic or Yu-gi-oh) and colorways. Nowadays, the hard part is figuring out which sleeves are best for each playing situation. Let's explore a few options that will steer you in the right direction whether you're a long time player or a newly-minted "My kid wants me to buy them what for their what?" parent.

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Dragon Shield MTG Deck Protective Sleeves

My personal choice, the Dragon Shield line of sleeves serves as a nigh-impenetrable line of defense for your cards. The line of matte finish is textured and opaque, so no one will ever find out that your Ranger of Eos is actually an artist proof (but maybe that's a me thing). Matte black Dragon Shields are my particular go-to, standing up to years of shuffling without getting too cloudy, dirty or crinkled. They're also great with double-sleeving, should you opt for an extra layer of protection.

MTG Color Combination Dragon Shield Sleeves

In fact, if you're looking for the perfect Dragonshield colors for your Commander colors, a little Reddit searching can help:

mtg commander sleeve colors dragonshield

Dragon Shield Sealable Clear Inner Sleeves

Speaking of an extra layer of protection, these Dragon Shield-produced inner sleeves are perfect for providing you with a bit of peace of mind. It's a relatable story for any MTG player - you're playing Commander at a game store and you unknowingly drop your whole deck right into a watery ring of soda condensation left by a careless patron. Now your Bone Dancer is curvier than a brand new Secret Lair foil. If only you had double-sleeved... These clear inner sleeves are also highly recommended for your lesser-used cards, as they're snug enough to allow cards to slide easily into most binders with no problem.

sealable dragon shield mtg sleeves

TitanShield 150-Pack Trading Card Sleeves

Ideal for prereleases, weekly drafts and other settings that put plenty of strain on your trusty stack of cards in a short period of time, the TitanShield line of sleeves is made to be abused. They're premium sleeves at a bargain price, and if you're the kind of person who always wants an extra pack of sleeves around for "just-in-case" scenarios, TitanShield is ideal. And if you're on a budget, go with TitanShield.

titan shield mtg commander sleeves black

Ultra Pro 100-Count MTG Deck Protector Sleeves

Ultra Pro is perhaps the most ubiquitous name when buying MTG accessories, and with their line of deck protector sleeves, you know exactly what you're getting - a clear front, an opaque back and solid construction. These sleeves are noticeably thinner than similar sleeves from other brands, but it isn't a compromise on durability. So if you prefer your 100-card, double-sleeved Commander deck to not rival the height of a 12-ounce can of soda and comes in a medley of colorways, look no further. Enfranchised players who've spent the better part of two decades in Magic swear by Ultra Pro.

ultra pro matte mtg commander sleeves

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