Space Cow Media Acquires

Commander's Herald • October 25, 2023

Space Cow Media Acquires

October 25, 2023 - Space Cow Media announces its acquisition of effective November 1st. The website will continue to operate as a peer-to-peer card trading hub while the support of a larger team increases the pace of incremental improvements and growth to the service. The original Cardsphere team remains on board for the immediate future to ensure a seamless transition for both the new team members and the community.

Founded in 2022 by the teams behind EDHREC and Archidekt, Space Cow Media builds digital services for collectible card games. The addition of Cardsphere complements their existing portfolio, which includes EDHREC, EDHRECast, Archidekt, Commander Spellbook, Commander's Herald, FABREC, and Spellvoid.

What Happens Next?

Cardsphere users' cash balances will remain unchanged through the transition and current cash-out procedures will be upheld by the new ownership. Potential processing delays in cash-outs and buy-ins in the days following the transition are a possibility due to external technical factors with Paypal. The team is proactively mitigating this issue and will keep users updated.

Prioritizing user trust, Space Cow Media pledges to uphold Cardsphere's existing privacy policy post-acquisition. All pre-acquisition user data will be utilized strictly for site operations, and accounts closed either before or after the ownership change will be permanently deleted, in line with the current policy.

The Space Cow Media team eagerly anticipates directly collaborating with the vibrant Cardsphere community and embarking on this exciting venture together! Join the conversation in the Cardsphere Discord or talk to us on Twitter/X at @realCardsphere!

For more information, check out the announcement over at Cardsphere.