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Queer Phyrexia • April 19, 2024

Untap, Upkeep, Kraumbat

Amidst the swirling golden grains of sand dancing in the tempests of Thunder Junction, we're confronted by the ferocious symphony personified in the formidable figure of Kraum. Tasked with safeguarding his apprentice, Geralf Cecani, amidst the lawless fray of outlaws and their clandestine machinations, Ludevic of Ulm dispatched Kraum to Thunder Junction. And thus, behold the triumphant return of this Izzet legend, Kraum, Violent Cacophony.

Why Kraum, Violent Cacophony?

You might ponder, "With an abundance of remarkable Izzet commanders in this set, why opt for Kraum over, say, Stella Lee, Wild Card?" The response is simple: they aren't HIM. Since his debut in Commander 2016, Kraum has reigned as the quintessential value engine for a diverse array of Izzet+ spellcasters, birthing the very term "Kraumbat" in homage to his prowess.

Not unlike KrarkaShima, Kraum may or may not have garnered a somewhat of a cult following (but that's just a whispered rumor). His dynamic presence on the battlefield sparks creativity and strategic depth, ensuring that every duel becomes an electrifying symphony of spells and wit.

What does this deck even do?

We wield two paths to triumph in this deck: Death by Kraumbat or... Death by Storm. Within this roster, you'll uncover an armory of muscle wizards, precision pingers, and an abundance of sheer value. Our aim? Consistently unleashing a barrage of spells each turn, harnessing the power of our "second spell" triggers to orchestrate a monumental storm surge. This crescendo culminates in a relentless onslaught from our formidable muscle wizards, or a systematic dismantling of our opponents through relentless pinging.

Muscle Wizards & Pingers 

A muscle wizard, in essence, embodies the fusion of arcane mastery and physical prowess, epitomized by creatures with abilities such as prowess or their non-keyworded equivalents. As we strive to unleash a flurry of spells within a single turn, these muscular mages emerge as stalwart allies, adept at shifting the tides of battle in our favor. Among their ranks stand illustrious creatures like Balmor, Battlemage Captain, Electrostatic Infantry, Sprite Dragon, and Stormchaser Mage. Their combined might forms the backbone of our strategy, poised to lead us to victory on the battlefield.

In tandem with our esteemed Muscular Wizard allies, we harness the power of pinger creatures, those versatile beings capable of dealing damage whenever we cast noncreature spells. Among the classics that grace our ranks are Guttersnipe, Firebrand Archer, and Kessig Flamebreather, each lending their fiery prowess to our cause.

However, our arsenal extends beyond tradition, incorporating newcomers from the recent Lord of The Rings expansion, such as Erebor Flamesmith and Fiery Inscription, enriching our strategy with their potent abilities. And let us not overlook the indomitable Urabrask, a formidable pinger in his own right, whose presence also bestows upon us the invaluable Birigi effect, granting us red mana upon the casting of our instants and sorceries. In their collective might, these creatures forge a formidable force, ready to blaze a path to victory through the trials of the battlefield.

The Value

While Kraum himself serves as a cornerstone of value within our ranks, our deck brims with rewards for casting multiple spells in a single turn. Jori En, Ruin Diver graces us with additional cards drawn, while Malcolm, the Eyes diligently uncovers secrets through investigation.

But the allure of value does not end there; esteemed cards like Archmage Emeritus, Third Path Iconoclast, Young Pyromancer, and Storm-Kiln Artist eagerly join our cause, each offering their unique boon to those who pledge allegiance to the Shadow Wizard Money Gang. After all, we LOVE casting spells.

Shadow Wizard Money Gang : We LOVE casting spells

Indeed, the crux of our deck lies in the art of spellcasting itself. From the humble cantrips to the formidable countermagic and the empowering rituals, every incantation we unleash brings us closer to the symphony of victory. Among the myriad tools at our disposal, certain cards stand out as beacons of efficiency and power.

Frantic Search, Expressive Iteration, and March of Reckless Joy exemplify the essence of our strategy, each offering unparalleled value in their own right. Yet, to ensure our spells continue to flow unabated, we must incorporate rituals into our repertoire. While traditional ramp may elude the grasp of Izzet, rituals such as Seething Song, Rite of Flame, and Jeska's Will seamlessly fill the void, propelling us towards our inevitable triumph with fiery determination.

As mentioned earlier, our deck charts two distinct paths to victory: Death by Kraumbat and Death by Storm. To hone in on the latter, we've carefully curated a selection of cards designed to ignite the flames of triumph. Elemental Eruption, a newcomer from Outlaws of Thunder Junction, stands as a testament to the raw power of storm, summoning forth 4/4 Dragon tokens imbued with flying and prowess.

Of course, no storm strategy would be complete without the timeless classic, Grapeshot, ready to rain down devastation upon our foes. Yet, in our relentless pursuit of value, we draw inspiration from the competitive constructed format storm decks, incorporating the game-changing Past in Flames. With its ability to flashback and reverberate spells, this potent card ensures an overwhelming onslaught of magic, propelling us towards victory with an unstoppable stampede of spells.


Our deck embodies the essence of Izzet ingenuity and power, offering two distinct avenues to victory. Through the strategic deployment of muscular wizards, precision pingers, and a wealth of spellcasting prowess, we navigate the tumultuous seas of Thunder Junction with skill and finesse. From the fiery onslaught of Elemental Eruption to the relentless barrage of Grapeshot, each card in our arsenal serves as a catalyst for triumph.

As we delve into the heart of battle, casting spells with unwavering determination, we forge a path towards victory, fueled by the sheer exhilaration of arcane mastery, so let's raise our wands high and embrace the chaos of the storm, for in the crucible of combat, true champions are born.

Untap, Upkeep, KRAUMBAT

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Commander (1)
Instants (22)
Artifacts (5)
Creatures (23)
Planeswalkers (1)
Lands (33)
Sorceries (13)
Enchantments (2)

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